Our mission is to put Qutee’s analytics capabilities in the hands of charities, brands, influencers, media and the public to permanently raise the standard of debate online and democratize the power of data.

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The Qutee mission – Intelligent discussion & data democracy for everyone

In a world of cheap online chatter, throwaway opinions, data sales and superficial conversations, we couldn’t find anywhere to go for intelligent, meaningful and open discussion.


That’s why we created Qutee.


At Qutee we’re on a mission to fix the problems with today’s online conversations – making sure everyone has a chance to be heard and an opportunity for their opinion to be valued, and ensuring that every comment is freely available for all to see.


On most online platforms great comments get buried under an avalanche of posts, and important voices get drowned out in the crowd.


Not here.


Thanks to the Qutee tech you can:

  • Browse thousands of analyzed comments, by keywords, themes and sentiments via our intelligent comment filters and dashboards.
  • Trust that every comment, poll result and rating is available to everyone.
  • Connect with and learn from the people who really care about the things you’re interested in.
  • Create, curate and share online conversations on any topic.

We believe that when everyone posts their opinions freely and openly, and all the data is available to everyone, we build trust and transparency, leading to true data democracy.


At the same time, we want to empower communities with their own insights and data, so it’s not just the data-hungry corporations who have access to conversational knowledge – we all do.


That’s why we’re here. We hope you’ll join us.


Welcome to Qutee.

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