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    ?Good vs Bad – Thrones of Britannia – Community Review

    fyi i dont own the game

    overall i feel the game prioritizes ease of use and immersion over depth and complexity for example:

    the building tree seems quite limited which can be nice for newcomers since they have less things to worry about but veterans might dislike the lack of choice/depth/variety in buidings. It’s the same with unit diversity but the lack of completely different and unique units between factions is also realistic since they probably had similar troops during this time period in the english isles.

    The music is also very nice and really puts you in the time period along with the art style and the new way in which recruting works which is realistic and a good game mechanic. I also like the food system which also simulates the time period and adds a bit more complexity to the game because now you have to keep in mind an additional thing when buiding armies and also when you are building more buildings which is a good way to implement even more immersion/realism while making the game a bit more interesting.

    A few things I found odd was that force march, ambush and agents were removed and I get that it is the same argument that newer players have fewer things to keep track of but it kind of makes the game a bit stale and I think it was the wrong way to make it easier for new players to get into the game. Because if you make the game too easy in terms of things to keep track of, veterans can get bored and I think that that was the main hurdle that this game had, namely to get new players interested in the series while still making a game that veterans would enjoy. I also found it annoying that one stack armies could go into a smaller settlement and just take it over without any resistance. I get that not every settlement can have a giant garrison and it might also be how it was during that time period but it just makes for frustrating gameplay, you should at least have the option of building a smaller garrison to make doing stuff like that harder but still possible if the player/AI is good enough.

    The whole loyalty, governor, estates thing is quite nice in terms of accuracy but I feel it could make for tedious micro-management since everyone loses their shit of you get one estate too many which again was probably how it was but it is just a bit annoiyng. But I do like that you can gain their loyalty through different means and I like the whole family thing of marriyng into other houses and that each character has differents traits and how those are displayed.

    I REALLY like that sieges are now whole towns instead of how it is in warhammer and especially that you can do attacks from the sea AND that each siege looks different as they should.

    Another thing I really like is that the tech tree now has more of an impact than it does in e.g warhammer and mostly that you have to actually do things to unlock the different paths which makes total sense. I feel that getting new troops through research instead of having to build buildings to unlock them reduces the amount of micro- management that you have to do and just really feels better than e.g warhammer (again I know but it is the only other CA game ive played so go easy on me).

    I also feel that they did public order right because you can never be quite sure when they will rebel if it is negative which is really how it was ruling over people, they are unpredictable (to an extent).

    All in all I feel ToB was a step into the right direction with things like the immersion, public order, sieges and the more impactfull and just better version of the tech tree but a step back in the things that they sacrificed to make it easier for newbies (like myself) to get into the game in terms of the the garrisons, agents, loyalty, force marching and ambushing which can really impact the game if you know how to use them properly. A bit more unit diversity wouldn’t hurt either but thats why ToB was a saga game and not a part of the main series, so that they can experiment on what works and what doesn’t work and in that sense I feel CA succeded with this game.