• ?Extremism and the Far-right

    Liberalism means educated man.

    The classical liberals were about reducing the power of the monarchies. The current problem is that the merchant class(banksters) have taken over the reigns.

    Most people have been lied into not understanding this. They…

  • ?Extremism and the Far-right

    Those are shill accounts, and you should know it. Hundreds of people don’t come out of thin air to down vote a channel like this without a directive. This is not organic down voting , and you should know better.

  • ?Extremism and the Far-right

    If you mean on craptube, those are paid shills. Hundreds of real people who never watched a channel don’t suddenly appear out of thin air like this. It is organized fascist censorship of ideas that power doesn’t want heard. They don’t want their narrative challenged. Disagreement with their directives must mean that you are a nazi.

  • ?Extremism and the Far-right

    Most of the ‘far right’ is made up of people who understand that the sjw cat ladies are evolutionary dead ends; they should not be followed. This is why the right resonates with the ‘normies'; and is why they are going to win.

    Yes, the real liberals have legitimate gripes against western plutocracies; sjws are NOT liberals. They are fascists…

  • ?The Housing crisis

    The liberal class gains made in since the classical economists are being reversed by the banksters. The old nobles have been replaced by a world wide fascist plutocracy. They want the middle class gone; and the the sheeple have allowed themselves to be mal-educated into going along with it.

    Immigration has nothing to do with it. Like the…

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