• ?Good vs Bad – Thrones of Britannia – Community Review

    I’m about 10 hours into Thrones. I’m trying to follow in your Gwined Campaign footsteps.

    Thrones is my first Total War game. I’ve been hum’ing and har’ing about getting Attila for AGES and finally plumped for Thrones as my way in.

    I’m a lifelong Civilization gamer and what’s attracted me to Thrones (especially the historical titles) is the ability to play much tighter scenarios focused on more granular control of battle.

    Having clocked thousands of hours in Civ games, I’m extremely comfortable with all those mechanics and my games have tended to become a bit routine, going through the motions in most cases with clear ideas about my overall tactics and strategy.

    So I’ve been wanting to give Total War a go for two main reasons:

    1. A fresh strategy challenge
    2. More small-scale control of inter-state battles

    and I think two main things have kept stopping me getting Attila:

    1. Somewhat daunting array of new mechanics and concepts to learn.
    2. Not so focused on my main area of interest, early Britain.

    So Thrones of Britannia seemed like the best option for me. From what I’ve read, it has been made more approachable than some previous titles for newcomers (which I understand has irked some Total War longtimers) and it’s map and playable factions are right in my area of interest.

    So far, I have been really enjoying the challenge of a new set of mechanics and concepts. The learning curve is steep for a newcomer and I’ve had to restart my campaign several times after either loosing easy battles due to bad decisions or seeing everything crumble into civil war as I failed to understand the loyalty mechanics properly.

    All in all, Thrones is a visually beautiful game and for anyone looking for a fresh strategy challenge who maybe hasn’t played the Total War series before, I can tell that this is a great option.

    I expect it’ll be at least a hundred hours of play time before I feel comfortable with the mechanics enough to even be able to consider getting bored with it!