• mhfszymanski posted a comment on ?Team Of The Rip Offs… Again! 1 month ago

    ?Team Of The Rip Offs… Again!

    Well, I’m rather new to the FUT format and really like it. Last year was my first year playing FUT (been playing FIFA since 98′) and all in all EA are doing a great job with the mode. However, the TOTY promo is crazy expensive for the common man like myself. Spend a fair bit of money on FIFA-points and got jack sh*t. I liked the SBCs (even though Bale was out of my price range) and the fact that we got to vote with the loan player. The most annoying part was the ‘less than 1%’ “stat” they had in packs. That should not be allowed from a legal point of view (I’m a Swedish lawyer) and I really believe that they should give the consumers an actual percentage and not that vague BS since it does not clarify the odds at all. Everyone knows that it’s difficult to get a TOTY, but no one knows HOW difficult it is (it could be a 0.000001%chance or 1 in a million packs and we’re led to believe that it’s close to 1 in a hundred packs…). That part is what disappointed me, but all in all: Good promo!