• Khalis posted a comment on ?TFTFeedback 11 months ago


    Played quite a few games recently and am really enjoying the new mode. Item rng balance needs a bit of work because getting out of the 1st 3 pve rounds with no items while someone else gets 5 just doesnt feel good at all. Seeing TF being added to the game and hearing them talk about seasons gave me an idea for how to.go forward with the mode. Rotating champ rosters for seasons. Each season can introduce new faction or class types, and new champs while subbing out some old ones. That way the meta can shift from season to season and they can add new champs without it feeling like its gonna flood the champ pool. With each new champ added it will reduce your odds of getting what you need for the build you are running. Just my personal thoughts. But overall great addition to an already great game.