• joe creasey posted a reply to Wendy Campbell on ?Vaping Around Pets 4 years, 4 months ago

    ?Vaping Around Pets

    we all know that smoking around people is bad correct? yet people still do it! how many people smoke with there kids in the house? to many, they still love there child but dont stop smoking because they are either addicted or selfish! only difference is as children get older then can tell you to stop smoking around them!¬

    animals on the other hand cant? you may treat your pets well, but vapeing around them in my eyes is bad for them!
    you vape and it still has nicotine in it? and yes they say it gets taken out once you inhale it but, you still get fluid on your lungs? thats not good for animals?

    if i was narrow minded i would have just said no dont do it!
    my answers im giving you are serious points and these are the way i think about vaping around pets!