• ?Good vs Bad – Thrones of Britannia – Community Review

    I have not yet played Total War Sage: Thrones of Britannia. I have watched many streams and youtube videos (including yours) on the game as I am considering buying.

    1. As a Irishman I am very happy to see youtubers and streamers play in my homeland and look into a piece of our deep history. Seeing how certain people from different backgrounds pronouce the Gaelic words and laugh at the accents is something more personal that they added to the game.

    2. The era the game is set in a fantasic historical time where the Vikings, the Irish, the Scots, Welsh and Brits all clashed and fought in their own ways. The element of choice adn the focus on the time period is really a great aspect they added to this game.

    3. The art style is fantasic in this game. From the Overall map it looks beautiful, the foliage and wildlife really captures the green lands of Ireland and Great Britian. The troop icons look outstanding and really fit in with the era, same with the event tab the little clips of someones death etc, looks great as a viewer and really rests on the eye.

    4. In game the troops really stand out and when zoomed in on they look great from shields to warhounds.

    5. I like how each faction tells a different story and has a different playstyle. It makes the game have a different feel each time you play, I have definatly seen this watching the many youtubers/streamers play the differnt factions.

    6. The sieges and even village fights are way more exciting than the Warhammer games. They have a real brawl sense to them, when the siege eqiupment lands or burst opens the gates its charging into hundreds of troops , shield agasint shield and axe vs axe. I love the grittyness of sieges and think it’s an improvement from Warhammer.

    1. I think religion should be way more prevelant. Religion was huge in this time period especially for the Irish and King Alfred of Wessex.

    2. The game is beautiful but sometimes the foliage can get in the way, I have heard many complain about this and I happen to agree. A simple button to make the foliage either go away or a quick toggle key.

    3. I think Cavalry could be stronger. It seems that the shock impact is weak for many cav units. Maybe a slight buff toward cav will deeply improve the game and add a new element to the battle.

    4. I think capturing small towns seems very easy and a garrison should be implemented to smaller settlements as they are vulnerable pretty much all the time.


    I think this is a great attention to the Total War franchise and I wish to see more games that stick to a certain time period and just focus on that. As a viewer I can’t wait to get my hands on this game as it looks fantasic. I don’t see many negatives toward this game and the mods should straighten out my low amount of worries. Looks life a fun historical game set in a badass peroid what could I not like !!