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    ?Good vs Bad – Thrones of Britannia – Community Review

    I own the game. I have to say I was neither too excited nor indifferent to this saga, I wanted to see the final product without drawing early conclusions. What I think is that this game is intended to be a good spin off and experiment for further games including warring kingdoms. We have a grand strategy component to this saga that we never had, which is something alot of fans asked for, total war allied with a more grand strategy feel. In terms of graphics it’s normal to have no improvements only some tweaks since it’s the same engine, but CA wants it like that for warring kingdoms to be an even bigger thing, no point in releasing a saga in a new engine. They also included better siege battles. all this for an experiment culminating in a new total war with new engine (more immersive battle animations), maybe a more grand strategy campaign, better siege battles and LL on a non warhammer style. That’s why CA marketed the game like a saga not a DLC, an experiment is meant to be in bigger title rather than a dlc. And they did a good jog explaining it.
    As to running well in average computers, that’s the thing, don’t expect better graphics without requiring better processing capabilities.