• ?Public Health & the Corona virus

    If I hear one more “expert” talking about “herd immunity” as a technique I might explode. If they say it, lets start with them, lets give it to them, thier children, and their parents. Actually while we’re at it, why not give the experts a dose of smallpox, and polio to help build herd-immunity. No, no, no. We don’t put up with it, we kick its ass…

  • ?Public Health & the Corona virus

    I do not think we are dealing with it correctly. For a start, there is a two week gap between being infected and presenting to medical services. Thus if we lock down now, the number of deaths will continue to climb for two weeks until the effect of the lock down kicks in. The number of infections per day grows expotentially, so the cost in lives…

  • ?The Housing crisis

    What bugs me, is the restrictions against “trailer-parks”. They seems a rapid and cheap way of providing housing to lots of people. Look around the coast and you see millions of examples (all restricted to 9 months per year occupation). Roll the concept out across the country and “boom” crisis solved in a matter of months.

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