• ?Team Of The Rip Offs… Again!

    I’ve opened over last few days 4 100k packs 4 125k packs 2 50k packs 2 55k packs 6 45k packs 2 25k packs and a few other and only two walkouts ozil and Sanchez , in that I spent £80 of my Christmas money and saved packs from ballack Keane and other sbcs, I’ve been shafted and now I’ve done 12 81+ packs and had 2 84 dembele sule and nothing higher

  • ?FUTMAS 2019… has xmas come early?

    I think it has cost at the perfect time it could of even came before but I think the sbcs are to overpriced 235k for lacazette or son when sons champions league card is only 80 and only 1 rating less but other wise people like Torreira was worth it only 40k for a 87 khedira was I did it for 17 because had them all in club but verrati

  • ?FUTMAS 2019… has xmas come early?

    I’ve done ballack and didn’t get a walkout I also did Torreira and he’s class for a player from the club and about to do firmino


    Ring always confused me so I think it is better

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