• ?Good vs Bad – Thrones of Britannia – Community Review

    So long I play only 6 hours with Mide.
    My impression is mostly positive.
    1. Minor/major settlements splitting. More variant of strategic decisions at war.
    2. Food system. Main + is no mass levy spam armies with AI.
    3. Supply system for armies.
    4. Recruitment system. Fast army rise in dire circumstances.
    5. Siege. They are just awesome compared to Warhammer. Maps even better than Attila have.
    6. Diversity of victory conditions.
    7. Variety in main factions mechanic (Legitimacy, Heroism, etc.). It is not big, but it is add flavor.
    8. Many adoptable character traits have explanation of how person got them and, if they are removable, how to get rid of it.
    9. Research system. It seems to be a new good trend in games (it is quite similar to eureka and inspiration in Civilization 6, imho).
    10. Character customization – followers system.

    I do not found very bad things to complain. Here is some small one:
    1. Naval battles, do they exist?
    2. Almost no siege weapons (only catapults).
    3. No unit renaming.