• ?Good vs Bad – Thrones of Britannia – Community Review

    I would a type of council for more positions for your nobles. Based on there skill you could have different multipliers on the game (Like unit replenishment, melee stats) or in economies for a good steward you could add percentage increase in income. I would also like to see more unique buildings for different factions. When I played Attila I saw that there was a tipping point in the game, when you got to powerful you would become unstoppable. It would be great to see in future DLC or total wars some sort of coalition for big powers in the game, like at the beginning of Attila when you were playing as the Western Roman Empire that had a lot of enemies. Also i do not think is very realistic to have that much centralized control over so many provinces. If you have one or two provinces its okay, but if you control 5 provinces it would be good to add some negative multipliers to the economy, especially when you are playing in this time period. There is a similar mechanic in Attila Age of Charlemagne, with imperium but I think that affected other factions opinion and public order. I really like the new public order, its so much better than Attila or Warhammer. The battle mechanics are great, I love the shield walls clash, the cavalry charge has improved but sometimes y see they stop before charging do not now why jaja. Also I like the fact of having minor settlements but it would be good to have a special of local militia there, like peasants how gather to defend there homeland and avoid being sacked that easy. Y loved the new settlements wall, and the fact that now there are bigger allows for more mobility inside the walls.
    I Think thats all from the top of my head, I am writing from argentina, so sorry for any spelling mistake jaja trying to do my best. Hope this helps you and I really enjoy you videos.