• ?Good vs Bad – Thrones of Britannia – Community Review

    First: I do not own the game. Maybe I’ll pick it up when steam gives it a 75% discount, but no sooner than that.

    Everything I write is based on gameplay videos. I put the campaign in a separate comment, since I can only choose 1 label.

    Get the bad things out of the way.

    1. Unit variety is minimal. Historically accurate, but not much of a difference between the factions.
    2. Unit statistcs “streamlining” – dumbing down. No melee attack or melee defence stat, no way to tell, which unit is good for holding the line (defensive with high defence), which is good for dishing out damage at the cost of low defence, and which are the “general purpose” ones which have kinda the middle ground with attack and defence. No speed stat. WTF?
    3. Attila-heritage cavalry pull-out massacre. No point having a cavalry if you can’t cyclecharge them. It was stupid in Attila (and WH), did not get any better.

    The battles have many good things, which compensate the lacking campaign:
    1. Sieges. Has to be no1. They are spot on, the major settlement maps have a huge variety, tier system very similar to medieval2, lots of possible strategies. After WH, it is extremely refreshing.
    2. Minor settlement maps. After WH, it is extremely refreshing, again.
    3. Unit formations. But why no loose formation for missile units?
    4. Large battlemaps, lots of possibilities.

    Overall battles are very good, even after the absolutely unnecessary stat reduction. They make up for a lot of things, but not enough to pick up the game at full price, if ever.