• ?COVID-19

  • ?COVID-19

    I think taking the precautionary measures to limit social interaction for as long as possible so that the hospitals aren’t all bombarded at the same time with people who WILL eventually be exposed to it is a smart move, but I think the US acted way too late.

  • Exstatis posted a comment on ?Atlas 2 years, 3 months ago


    I feel like Atlas is a game that has so MUCH potential to be great, but then falls short in every way. It has such an open world sandbox concept that feels juuuuust out of reach unless you make friends with a big group fast, on unless you’re willing to do some serious grinding. I think with more development efforts it could be something I pick…

  • Exstatis posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    Qutee and The Social Intelligence Lab are teaming up to offer a £100 Amazon gift card to whoever has the most unique and insightful comment on our latest discussions:

  • ?WhatGameShouldRiotMake

    I would love to see a LoL MMORPG from Riot! There’s so much lore, I think that an open world would be amazing.

  • ?Borderlands 3

    Would not surprise me at all with how graphics heavy it is…people definitely run better machines playing on PC :)

  • ?Women of Game of Thrones

    I feel like SOME of the women were represented “just okay”, but it was also very obvious that the producers were male, and that some of the characters were put through situations that didn’t even make since for the storyline.

  • ?Facebook Dating

    I feel like there are already people floating around your friends list that are trying to get their foot in the door or vice versa, so using the platform and data they already have to open up an avenue for connections seems like a brilliant (and money making) idea.

  • ?Borderlands 3

    This is the first Borderlands game I’ve played, and for someone who usually plays computer over console, I’m still having a good time with this one. It’s visually stunning, and the storyline has been super interesting. I think that a few of the laggy menu things in co-op has been frustrating, but hopefully something a patch will fix.

  • ?Best of Show and Tell

    I really love how organized and accommodating this event is!

  • ?Product Hunt

    I think Product Hunt is a great social way for entrepreneurs to meet each other and learn about each other’s endeavours!

  • ?Future of McLaren

    A whole new level of customer service being thrown out the window!

  • ?Future of McLaren

    Press is everything…I’m sure it all depends on how they’ll be depicted in the media from here on out.

  • ?Sea of Thieves

    Rare talks Sea of Thieves’ upcoming pets and micro-transaction store Plus cross-play opt-outs, hit registration, and more.

  • ?Same Sex Marriage

    Exactly! I think it’s absolutely insane to fight and control people on who they personally love. There’s already so much hate in the world…why focus on making more? :(

  • Exstatis posted a comment on ?Sea of Thieves 3 years ago

    ?Sea of Thieves

    Official Sea of Thieves: Anniversary Edition Trailer Have you set sail since the Anniversary Update launched in April, transforming the game into Sea of Thieves: Anniversary Edition? If not, take a look at the …

  • Exstatis posted a comment on ?Donald Trump 3 years ago

    ?Donald Trump

    Trump fights back against skeptics of his new Mexico deal President Donald Trump is blasting critics who claim his new border agreement with Mexico is a mirage rather than the huge victory he is claiming, as he rides into a fresh week of constitutional collisions with Democrats.

  • ?Game of Thrones

    Poll shows most ‘Game of Thrones’ fans actually enjoyed the finale A new poll showed that a majority of Game of Thrones fans enjoyed the show’s recent finale, despite online outrage over the HBO drama’s conclusion. The Hollywood Reporter/Morning Consul…

  • ?Online Trolling and Impact on Women

    As a woman who grew up on the internet, and is also in technology as a career and a hobby, I can say that trolling is and always has been a real thing. I’m not sure if it’s a weird flex of power, or something deeper rooted, but it absolutely has had an impact on me. I can’t necessarily say it’s always been in a negative way, though. On one hand,…

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